Do you suffer from Low Back Pain or tension?

Do you suffer from pain in your buttocks region?

Is your Low Back Pain constant or intermittent?

Do you feel stiffness and pain when standing up after a period of sitting down?

Do you spend long hours a day sat in a chair?

Do your hips feel tight with the occasional popping sound?

 Do you have simply 15-20 minutes of time in your day to complete some simple techniques that will ease your back pain and tension? 


Hi, I'm Miranda and I know exactly how you feel as someone who battled and won against low back pain. I have over 12 years clinical experience as a Physical Therapist. With my extensive knowledge gained over the years - I have been able to put together the perfect package to help you alleviate your Low Back Pain and tension. 

The guide consists of step-by-step short videos showing you how to alleviate your low back pain.

You Deserve to Move and Live Pain Free.


Ease Your Back Pain & Tension


A Simple Routine to Alleviate Your Low Back Pain

Follow the Programme Step by Step to Guide You on Your Way to Alleviating Your Low Back Pain

Course Curriculum

    1. Knowing Your Back

    2. What you will feel & Frequency of Routine

    1. Finding & feeling your Pelvic bone and Sacral bone

    2. Posterior upper buttock region

    3. Posterior middle buttock region

    4. Posterior lower buttock region

    5. Side upper buttock region

    6. Side middle buttock region

    7. Side lower buttocks region

    8. Front hip (TFL) Upper region

    9. Front hip (TFL) lower region

    10. Front hip (TFL) region ON FLOOR

    11. Buttock Stretch (Floor)

    12. Buttock Stretch on Chair (Alternative to Floor version)

    13. Front Hip Stretch (TFL)

The Back Pain Relief Guide

  • £37.00

Client Testimonials

“The programme is well structured with interesting facts. It gave me plenty to think about and direction helping me to cope with my back problem. I fit the exercises into my daily routine - Glad I purchased the programme - I really wanted to be off the meds. ”

Carla Hawrish

“The back pain relief guide has helped me to better understand that there is plenty I can do to work on my back and to improve the condition in ways that I can do on my own. Thanks Miranda, thanks for the knowledge and the empowerment. ”

Paula Tripsas


This Is Your Chance To Finally Begin Your Journey To Alleviate Your Low Back Pain



client experience

“This course helped me to get out of or prevent my back pain. To get results this requires discipline for it to work. I am so happy now!”

Sean Maestro

“ The course goes through step by step how to reduce discomfort and eradicate the problem.. It is worth the investment as it as it may just help you more than anything else that you've tried so far.”

Alison Hobbs

Alleviate Your Back Pain

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Remember that all the advice and information contained in this guide is general in nature and not specific to your needs. We are unable to give specific injury related information without a thorough assessment.

By continuing to purchase the guide it is assumed that you have read and agreed with these statements and undertake any exercise at your own risk.

We disclaim liability for any physical harm caused by using a massage ball  or performance of any of the exercises in this guide.